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lol, yearbook fail again

2011-06-10 17:48:31 by Schafdawg

Our yearbook is called Full Disclosure, the Legend 2011. They tried to 'cleverly' fit 11 into the title, so they replaced the two L's in full. Yup, Fu11. Shows how much they love the seniors. XI so fly? Not according to the title. Also, no one says 'so fly' anymore...


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2011-06-15 19:44:24



2011-06-18 00:13:57

That funny stuff.


2011-06-20 22:05:48

I remember my graduation...not nearly as funny though. I spent my last year boosting my GPA and they didn't count it so I didn't get my tassels oh well...


2011-06-20 22:07:55

I mean they didn't register the grades into the GPA until a month after the graduation. I still left with a high GPA...heh heh


2011-06-24 22:04:33

ive noticed you havent made one good review.

Schafdawg responds:

Not to you, but I have to others. I use constructive criticism, sometimes too criticizing. If it shows you all of my reviews, you will see a few good ones. I review things how I think they are. If they are good, I shower with praise. If not, I shower with insults and ways to make it better. I remember your name, and I remember I made a review for you, but I don't remember what video you made.