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Pokemon, not as awesome in real life.

2011-08-03 17:51:19 by Schafdawg

So me and my friend got an idea. We thought of taking pictures of animals made to look similar to pokemon, (such as a mouse with batteries taped on its cheek, a lizard with a match taped to its tail, a turtle with a cannon taped to its back, ect) and have the caption, '(Pokemon name), not as awesome in real life.' We also got other ideas, but we need one thing. A website in which to post them. Newgrounds isn't really a picture uploading site, and I wanna be as far away from 4chan as I can (they scare me). Any suggestions? Anyone?

I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. DA DA DUM!
to make memes is my real quest...
you get the point


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2011-08-03 18:58:06

DeviantArt? Or just any image hosting site like flickr. There are a ton of possibilities.


2011-08-10 17:20:37

Why don't you make your own animations, from what I know you look like a pretty talented artist from your user page image. Lookin all gangsta, you should try it!

Schafdawg responds:

Well, my friend actually made this art (JerrodStorm). But he is the friend who had the idea with me. We would try this, but he has about 10 unfinished animations that... may never get done.