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Entry #5


2012-04-16 22:17:53 by Schafdawg

A flash with my name on it. For the record, I was in JerrodStorm's Daydreamin' (not that its a well known video) as the Fig Newton, not that anyone cares. I actually helped him plan and voice act for several other flashes that he abandoned, but hopefully we can make a series out of Aminal Crossing. And, for the record, the "n" and "m" were switched on purpose. Anyways, hopefully people will begin to know me for more than my harsh (but usually correct) reviews.


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2012-05-12 18:46:18

Das ist sehr gut, ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg.

in case you did not understand that: That very nice, i wish for a lot of success for you.

Schafdawg responds:

I understood most of that. I have a very limited German vocabulary...