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2012-04-16 22:17:53 by Schafdawg

A flash with my name on it. For the record, I was in JerrodStorm's Daydreamin' (not that its a well known video) as the Fig Newton, not that anyone cares. I actually helped him plan and voice act for several other flashes that he abandoned, but hopefully we can make a series out of Aminal Crossing. And, for the record, the "n" and "m" were switched on purpose. Anyways, hopefully people will begin to know me for more than my harsh (but usually correct) reviews.

So me and my friend got an idea. We thought of taking pictures of animals made to look similar to pokemon, (such as a mouse with batteries taped on its cheek, a lizard with a match taped to its tail, a turtle with a cannon taped to its back, ect) and have the caption, '(Pokemon name), not as awesome in real life.' We also got other ideas, but we need one thing. A website in which to post them. Newgrounds isn't really a picture uploading site, and I wanna be as far away from 4chan as I can (they scare me). Any suggestions? Anyone?

I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. DA DA DUM!
to make memes is my real quest...
you get the point

lol, yearbook fail again

2011-06-10 17:48:31 by Schafdawg

Our yearbook is called Full Disclosure, the Legend 2011. They tried to 'cleverly' fit 11 into the title, so they replaced the two L's in full. Yup, Fu11. Shows how much they love the seniors. XI so fly? Not according to the title. Also, no one says 'so fly' anymore...

School Brawl

2011-05-25 14:33:50 by Schafdawg

So there was a fight at school today. It started with a food fight. Then I saw students attacking the administrator. Then it stopped. It promptly started again, and I saw an administrator slam a girl's head against a wall three times! School isn't safe, from other students to administrators. She didn't have a weapon, and there is a line between stopping violence and beating children! Class of 13, full of retards and imbeciles. Probably gonna be cops at lunch tomorrow. What a fun day. All right before taking a statewide history test!

My formal lack of apology

2011-05-23 19:47:33 by Schafdawg

I may have offended several people. This is either because you suck, your animation sucked, or I just don't like you. I refuse to apologize to anyone who actually deserved my insults. If you want an apology, make less crap. I don't always troll, I always speak my mind. So, if you feel insignificant and suicidal because of my comments, just get over it... I HAVE SPOKEN!!!!!!!